Haute-Fidelité d'exception

À découvrir chez vous
Un préampli Phono MM/MC qui propulse la lecture vynile à des niveaux jamais atteints avant la gamme des 13000 €, oui vous avez bien lu, l'essayer c'est ... comprendre, entrer dans un autre monde et l'adopter.
Il est l'objet de critiques enflammées de la part de ceux qui l'ont acquis et d'autres
critiques de la part de ceux qui ne l'ont jamais écouté, les philistins n'aiment pas voir tomber leurs idoles.

AURORASOUND VIDA 3700 € certifié CE, 230V.


Highly Commended Award by Hi-Fi News magazine (UK) May 2013
Best Buy and Critics Applause Award by "Stereo Sound" magazine winter 2012
Technology of the Year 2012 Award by "MJ Musen-to-Jikken" magazine Dec. 2012
Analog Grand Prix 2013 Award by "analog" magazine winter 2012
Audio Excellence 2013 Award by "Audio Accessory" magazine winter 2012
Patrick VERCHER, STEREO PRESTIGE & IMAGE ( Janvier 2014 )
"  Nous avons pu vérifier avec plusieurs cellules (MM et MC ) l'exceptionnelle musicalité de ce prépré... en allant aussi beaucoup plus loin dans la recherche des petits détails d'ambiance, de netteté jusque dans l'extrême grave ( une référence en la matière ) avec l'un des plus beaux médiums perçus en consistance vraie des timbres, ..Les résultats à l'écoute bousculent bien des hiérarchies établies en laissant enfin s'exprimer les vraies personnalités des cellules. On découvre une richesse d'informations gravées dans les vinyles qui apportent un éclairage nouveau sur les prises  de son, avec un pouvoir expressif d'une beauté saisissante.
Il s'agit très certainement de l'un des meilleurs prépré actuels. "

Nick Tate, Hi-Fi News UK (May 2013) concluded: NEW! "...this quintessentially Japanese slice of analogue exotica is artfully engineered to give a coruscatingly incisive and detailed sound, yet one that’s genuinely musical too. Impressively devoid of noise, it provides a wide open window onto the vinyl groove yet it never sounds coldly forensic or overly romantic. The VIDA should win many friends here, as it already has in Japan..." Read the entire review

Kohji Yamamoto, Stereo Sound Japan (Fall 2012) wrote: "...stunning three-dimensional, excellent depth - it makes each tone fuller and richer... It produced not only tight drums and bass but also a massive scale and spectrum which you could almost feel vivdly with your hands... I was impressed with the spatial dimension in which vocals and chorus harmonized together. The realistic illustration of percussion was also astonishingly impressive. I fell in love with this phono stage amplifier immediately, I personally recommend the VIDA to those who would like to seriously indulge in analog playback." Read the entire review

Mal Kenney, Part-Time Audiophile - THE Show Newport Beach (June 2013): "’s dead quiet, it soundstages about as well as any solid state, and it has the propulsive impact that only LCR stages seem to bring to the table. On top of that, it’s small, it’s friendly, and it’s adjustable from the front panel. I’ve heard this a few times now, and its signature is one of easy authority..."

Customer Feedback:
"...price is ridiculously low. Yes, without a doubt. This is a true 'high-end' phono-stage, at middle of the road pricing. I genuinely doubt there is any worthwhile competition, even at twice the price of the Vida..."
"...vivid, rich tones, beautifully reproduced, without the slightest hint of grain or etched upper frequencies, often associated with solid state phono stages. Solid bass notes and captivating midrange shone out from a completely silent background... vocals were a joy and acoustic music had that 'right there' in the room sound... one day, I really must check that there are no valves inside, such is the richness and smooth delivery of music that the Vida provides..."

Aurorasound vida phono MM/MC LCR